Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Success as I see it.

Fame is not the goal.
The truth of what success is in the long term is...success is healthy survival against the odds, while living a real life on the ground, with the rest of us, with a partner and friends,and hopefully children...
and not to die alone, that is the goal.
What most young artists see is a glittering lie.
FAME is a fantasy word, a lie.
What is really there... is a long hard road with crazy odds, and we cannot see the pain, & hardships to come.
The fact that a lot of your idols in show business
from just a few years ago are broke financially and
spiritually or probably will be in the next few years.
Hang on to your life RIGHT NOW...and live what is right in front of you.
Stay out of fantasies of what is going on in the lives of well known people...
and pray to God you never become one.
Well known people are not happier than you.
You will not become a better person if you become well known or wealthy,
nor will you find any more peace than you can find right now.
Just work and be good to each other and if someone is in trouble... offer help
and if you are in trouble not be afraid to go and seek professional help.
In this day and age seeking mental health help is completely acceptable and encouraged.
Express and name your true feelings.
Identify your fears attempt to stop the cycle of poor parenting.
If you fall... get back up, ...when you can,... and walk again


Pamela said...

You are a really beautiful person - I love you!

paul said...

Hey Tim:

Great should do more, for "Gods" sake !

Paul P.