Friday, September 19, 2008


Last night I wrote a prayer to God about my career. I read the comments and I am already feeling God's strength from supportive positive artists who understand. I am posting this clip from Shift, because I must remind myself what God has already done for me, and what He continues to plan for me.

Here's the story of Shift: A former student sent a tape of Godshow to the director of this film (Jonathan Yi). It's a beautiful simple tale of Jonathan's early struggles with being an artist in a Chinese culture in America. A culture that didn't look at artwork as a "real job", and how Jonathan maintained his vision throughout. It's beautifully acted by Aldous Davidson and several non actor Chinese men who were a blast to work with.

They flew me to NY and scheduled the shoot around me. They paid me 200 a day, gave me second billing, the film won several awards, and was seen in several cities here and abroad. I slept on the floor in a young artists apartment, replete with a young dancer, and an actress, and the producer of Shift. He had been sober since he was thirteen, now twenty three. We shot from 11pm til dawn every night. The crew were all friends of the director from NYU Film Dept. I helped pack and unpack each night. It was like I was a young artist too...I really was because this was my first major role in an independent film of weight and merit.

When I saw this scene in the film, I suddenly realized that God had given me a moment of glory and joy, with music and real rain and real actors and a real director that had hired me from an audition tape from a show I wrote.

GOD DOES SUPPLY ME WITH ALL I NEED...I just have to use my faith to remember this has all happened and that He is planning more for me if I make myself ready and available for the opportunities when they present themselves. I must not be blinded by seeming tough times. God loves me and He loves you too. I must keep my eyes and heart on my original dream of being working artist with a message...and that I am already a star.

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Anonymous said...

From the meditations that precede Rosh HaShana services...
"Just as the hand, held before the eye, can hide the tallest mountain, so the routine of everyday life can keep us from seeing the vast radiance and secret wonders that fill the world."