Sunday, February 28, 2016

Scantron Comedy Miracle

Last August, Spencer Katherine Tootle came to me and asked me to direct a new improv group she was putting together. Spencer, Cole and Ed had been students in a class of mine and thought of me as they assembled the group. This gesture was a mini-miracle for me....Scantron Comedy was born and we began rehearsals. The journey has been such a blessing for me. The group Spencer put together is so talented and open and loving, wild and funny, (left to right: Matt Roeder, Tori Titmas, Spencer Katherine Tootle, Cole Earnest, Ed Buser) that it is a joy each time we meet for rehearsals or a show.

We started improvising and that special chemistry of a great cast was clearly evident. They accepted my direction so quickly and with enthusiasm...and they are amazing. They are unafraid to break boundaries, look and sound different than any of the hundreds of comedy groups in Chicago
 Scantron improvisational comedy technique is edgy, wild, sexy, twisted, smart and cohesive, I love them!

 We started with free shows at The Playground and have now built up to having a regular show every week at The Crowd Theater 3935 N. Broadway every Thursday at 10pm for $5....with an open run.
 Scantron took on a large challenge of doing 2 shows at The Second City's DeMaat Theater in February and with a little push, they marketed and advertised and hustled their asses off and we sold out both shows!
  They are currently writing new sketches for a scripted show coming soon.
I was at a low point in my life when they were sent to me by the universe and I thank God for them.
 We'll be shooting for some fun projects, on stage and on video come out to see them any week at The Crowd Theater on Thursdays $5 BYOB and see how good they are and why I love them so much. TYG for Scantron Comedy. Like us on Facebook to get updates on all our new shows and projects Scantron Comedy at Facebook