Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Willis is my kitty-cat.

Willis is my kitty-cat, Willis is my friend.
As you can see, he is very furry and mink colored.
Well to be completely honest,
Willis is on loan from the Pamela collection of pets.

I fell in love with him and she let me take him to my house...where he has lived in comfortable retirement ever since. Willis loves to sit in the sun, he rolls around when he is happy, and he kisses me on command when I whistle, rather he nibbles on my nose.

He gets treats most everyday he loves soft liver treats,he also gets a little of my smoothy, and he also gets a little smoked turkey when I am making my lunch.

He sleeps right next to my head and wakes me with a little wet nose kiss every morning. I love Willis, and I love my Pam for letting me borrow him, he has changed my life. He is my muse.



I wish Charlie and Willis could meet!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Please use this power responsibly.