Monday, September 8, 2008

Tim O a short film by Ben Shearn

I shot this film with Ben in 2005. Pam always points out that my sarcasm in the film is not the true me...she reminds me I was in a depression and working hard to get through it.

Ben got sober shortly after this was's another "godshow" miracle story, he's got three years now and we are best of friends, besides I am his relentless sponsor.

Seriously, Ben is a great hard working sponsee, and he helps me immensely with my whole life, and he encourages my writing, which makes me love him. He's gonna sell a screenplay one of these days out in L.A. and I will be like a proud daddy.

I became best friends with his way cool hippie parents Peg and Don. Don cowrote the screenplay for Godshow with me. Peg is an awesome artist and she helps me by listening to me weekly on the phone, and me and Pam meet them for dinner once a month to comiserate and laugh about the journey.

I think this film is a tiny masterpiece, not becuz I am the subject, but for the hard questions Ben threw at me and the struggle to be honest, and becuz of the multi-camera use and superb cutting by Dan Kullman. Special thanks to Nic DeGrazia and Bitter Jester Productions.


Sister Mary Martha said...

It seems the video didn't load.

Wisebear said...

try it again, and who is this, i am guessing it's somebody i know and you are playing late nite caticism, right?


This is film is not a tiny masterpiece. It's a gigantic one! Whoever this Ben Shearn is, must be a cinematic genius the likes of which this world (or the next) will never see again...

Irish Gal said...

I watched the "Irish Chicago" special for my History of Chicago class and came across your site looking for "I am the Irish". I love that song! and now I just listened to this song and I love Nickel Creek :) Do you have or have plans to bring out a CD of these songs?

Wisebear said...

Hi Irish Gal,
thanks for finding my blog. I don't have a CD planned but you can
watch the entire show on Youtube... if you look up "godshow" there.
Thanks for liking my music, I did have to borrow from Nickel Creek cuz my producers wanted a third song for the show at the last minute.
Thanks for posting and asking.
If I do record a CD I will let you know.
Tim O

Irish Gal said...

Great Thanks!