Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God is alive and well

I believe God is a power source that flows through time and space....
His power had no beginning and has no end.
That power resides in all things living and past.
He is everlasting light and love and strength, with deep kindness and patience.

He is the source of all wisdoms.
He is God, He is good.
He goes by many names, and when
He reveals Himself in this world,
it is unmistakable and clear that
He has been at work in our lives.


Art O.T. Grid said...

It's really nice to see that piece in this context...thanks--
going to get ready for Yom Kippur now-

Mark R. Turner said...


Boy, this is a late entry to your October post, but just today I finally put some sustained time into walking the blogosphere in search of artists with a mission of substance. Thanks for being there. I found you via Pamela Staker's blog and web site in which I was moved by her art and statement of God's care.
Then to find your own statements of faith was a blessing which affirms my own rediscovery.
I am starting to take in your video increments of "Godshow". Wish I had been there. Come out to San Diego and play it here!
Hope you are still moving ahead since October, '08.
I just started a blog called Artingle http://artingle.blogspot.com
which is a new representation of my life in writing, poetry, filmmaking, theatre, visual arts.
I hope to encourage other artists as you have encouraged me. May God continue to be manifested in you and me and Pamela.