Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So Many Angels

So many people have been angels leading me towards a great feeling of a period of accomplishment… first is Blair Holmes hired me for a new Forsythe film again in January, which lead to him helping me with new headshots... as well as his moral support to get back into auditioning. A great person, so full of life and enthusiasm, encouraging me and amazing energy, Thank you Blair
Megan Hovde is an amazing person/friend and amazing talented actress, who I have known since she was my student many years ago… she pushed and encouraged me over and over to get in touch with her new agent Marisa, I am so grateful to her for believing in me, and will miss her now that she has moved to New York. So grateful for Megan.
Next is Marisa Paonessa a shiny happy encouraging amazing woman who welcomed me with an email saying “yay, yay, yay” when I applied to her…turns out she was a star in Tony and Tina’s wedding and I had taught her in some workshops and she remembered me and was so happy that I was coming to her… talent agency (Paonessa Talent) and they signed me! I adore her already and they have me auditioning again, such a gift from God bless Marisa and her staff.
Susannah Pappish is next…a dedicated Artist I met through friends, she is kind hearted and a new friend..Susannah hired me to do two workshops at ACM (American Colleges of the Midwest) another amazing great gift Susannah is. TYG Love Susannah!
Next is Barry Hite, Barry is funny and kind and I deeply appreciate him as a good man, he got me booked on an industrial with SC through a his recommendation… along with TJ Shanoff ...the shoot was a blast and am so grateful he was thoughtful enough to suggest me to Mike Foster
Met Mike Foster on the shoot and he is wonderful, open to me improvising and just seems like an all around great and talented and guy.
Scantron you know I already love and spoke about the miracle of working with this amazing group. love all of them like crazy!

Lastly Pamela love, my rock, my adventure queen! She is an amazing artist and a determined super hard worker with a huge heart. Pam has always supported and believed in me. For her kindness, for her laugh, for Chukwu the long legged super model, Chi-chi and Monkey our furry family... for letting us use her studio to rehearse in, for putting up with me and all my flaws.... My deepest gratitude for ten years together. I love you Pam

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