Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recognition Project

A couple months back I talked about some people doing something so wonderful for me...

Here is that original post:
Some very good people in this world did something so kind, so generous, so loving for me today! It was an act of pure selfless giving, a gesture of recognition....and I was and am still overwhelmed with gratitude. I wept with joy and pain for the sheer beauty of it.
Sometimes life can be so beautiful that it hurts.
My heart is filled with joy and love, and I won't be able to sleep tonight, but that is ok. Thank you does not cut it in this case....I love you.... kind of does.

It is now up online and it speaks for made me weep again just watching the video....thank you Matt, Spencer, Tori, Cole and Ed and all the people at Dictionary Films for creating this incredible idea and implementing and watch the video...I think you will cry too. An awesome honor, and I believe something we need very much in this world right now.
Thank you God.

Recognition Project Video Link Click Here

O Great One Site Link Here

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