Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joyce Sloane Rest in Peace

The last time I saw Joyce she was sitting in the main theater at Second City, on the bench by the side exit...she was knitting or doing some small art project with touring company member Jessica Joy. The two were engaged in small talk, they were kind of quiet, and they were both smiling. I walked up and kissed her cheek..and Joyce said "who's that?" I said "it's me Joyce, Tim O'Malley!" "Oh hi Tim she smiled and continued knitting, both their heads turned down and in toward each other and there handy work. Sweet and quietly supporting a young talent, doing something creative...a great last snapshot in my mind of a woman that change my life and the lives of countless others for the better.

The week before I had seen her at Second City's holiday party and shared about a recent success of mine and she was with her best friend Rosalie...they both lit up like Christmas trees when I told them about my business success, "oh Tim!, you gotta do more of that Tim" Joyce cooed.

I remember the day back stage in 1989 when she told me I was moving up to the big stage as a regular player...she couldn't have been more happy then to tell me I had finally made the last cut and I was going to be on Mainstage Second City. It was she and her daughter Cheryl that were responsible for me being hired and they loved helping their chosen ones to be promoted. I was over-joyed. I loved Joyce like a great boss-mother.

Joyce's funeral was simply beautiful. Her daughter Cheryl was courageous and selfless in her presentation. Alumni from 5 generations were represented in her eulogy. As well as artist nephews who praised Joyce's love service and encouragement. Stories, songs and poetry that rocked the synagogue. I wept like a lost son.

There is allot out there online about her life now that she has passed, so I won't bore you...go research it if you want. I just wanted to post my little tribute as a prayer to her...she is now another guardian angel for my art life, along side of my mom Mary. Pray for me please Joyce and Mary, I love you both.

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