Monday, March 29, 2010

Dreams vs Goals

I havent posted in quite a while...sorry to any fans. I have been artisitically stagnant, or having a pause. I wrote my second play and submitted it to three theaters in Chicago. When all three rejected it kindly, they encouraged me to continue pursuing getiing it produced. I went into a mild funk for half a year...sometimes it takes longer to get up after a percieved failure...which is all that it was ..."percieved". I cannot explain where and when inspiration comes from other than the Holy Spirit. I have to look at my "pauses" as God given also. Please God, accept this prayer in earnest that I am heartily sorry for my sins...and request that You please intervene through the Holy Spirit to help me share my gifts of laughter and art on stage, with inspiration..please God inspire me to my next steps. Help me to rewrite the new play for stage or for film, or create a new play to perform.
I spoke at a meeting Saturday ...and expressed the blocks I have experienced lately and a woman commented "never give up your dreams". Please God ...strengthen me and guide me to use all my talents to help myself and as many others as I can. Amen

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