Friday, May 1, 2009

Small Pieces

Whenever I feel low or lost because of life circumstances or events...I have noticed
that some strand of hope always comes through for me. When am afraid about work and my security for whatever reason I almost always recieve a tiny gift from God...small threads of
hope are what connect us to Him. Afew years back I was in trouble at work for something I did wrong,
I was called to the mat and I apologized and hung on to God...I had done a few commercials
for a burdgeoning ad company and they had put my face across the top of their site felt
instant hope that my employer is God and that He supplies my food and shelter and clothing.
Many more smaller instances have occured when I have felt down...students and strangers
commenting how they found Godshow online and it helps them go on.
Today I got an message at Facebook from Angel
Here's the exchange...another small piece in the veiled mosaic of God's will for me!
(note her name is Angel...hmm)
Hi Angel,
Thanks for adding me as a friend...I vaguely remember you read my blog and commented that is you right?
Tim O

Hi Tim,
Yes, I left a comment on your blog once, but I don't think we ever chatted. I was googling Ben Shearn's name to see what he was up to and I found the film he made on your blog. When I read your posts, it appealed to me because I am both an artist and was heavily into the comedy scene. Also, because I believe in God but over the years have been falling away from my faith. Reading your blog made me feel close to him again; just your humble words. I still don't know how I feel about my faith--maybe I am resistant--but when I read your words I can feel the spirit in them.
So thank you for that,

Thank you Angel
I use my blog to try and inspire myself... to
remember who and where I get my strength
and power from.... so i don't fall into self pity.
I often forget how much God has done for me,
and that He is still working to keep me on the path
to do His is when things I feel victimized by, pile up,
that I get the most lost.
So thanks and I am grateful you found reminds
me that He works in the small quiet places...and the grand scale dreams
I have... are all broken up in tiny little pieces that I must
look back at to see the true mosiac of my life.
Peace and blessings on you Angel
Tim O


Art O.T. Grid said...

hey, nice that you're back on your blog...hope to see you soon...

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